Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


* Who are the mediators ? Mediators are professionally trained and certified individuals. 

* What do the mediators do ? 

- Listen to both sides carefully

- Ask questions to clarify the issues

- Remain neutral, do not take sides or make judgments

- Assist the parties in generating options and some times even to think "outside the box"

- Facilitate communication between the parties

- Help the Parties clarify and document their agreement

* Why should the other side come to mediation ?

Mediation brings the opportunity to both parties to contribute to the resolution of their conflict. If the dispute goes to court, the outcome will be determined by a judge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


* Quienes son los mediadores ? Los mediadores son personas  profesionalmente entrenadas y certificadas.

* Que hacen los mediadores?

- Escuchan a ambos lados

- Hacen preguntas para clarificar los asuntos

- Se mantienen neutrales, no toman lados o hacen juicios

- Asisten a las partes en generar opciones y algunas veces inclusive a pensar "afuera de la caja"

- Facilitan la comunicación entre las partes

- Ayudan a las partes a clarificar y documentar su Acuerdo

* Porque debe venir a mediación la otra parte ?

Mediación da la oportunidad que ambas partes contribuyan a la resolución de su conflicto. Si su Conflicto va a corte, el resultado será determinado por un Juez.